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Our Field Locations
  • River Road Athletic Complex 511 River Road Willington, CT 06279

  • Ashford Memorial Park 74 Pompey Rd Ashford, CT 06278

  • ECC (Evangelical Christian Center) (ECC) 574 Ashford Center Road Ashford , CT 06278

  • Willington Center School (WCS) 12 Old Farms Rd Willington, CT 06279

  • Star Hill Athletic Center 100 Gerber Drive Tolland , CT 06084

Indoor Winter Futsal training and league

GCA FC Development Academy


We use Futsal to develop our players

U6 - U10

The GCA FC Academy is at the core of what makes our club great and effective.
It is our foundation and the starting point of our Club's player development pathway.
This is where our young players learn technique, ball control, possession-based tactics and speed of thought. In short, the Academy is where our kids learn to love the game.

Because we believe these are the critical years of our children's long term development and growth, we offer a combined Fall, Winter and Spring program for our kids using a Street Soccer style inspired curriculum designed to develop each player's technical and tactical skill. We are certain that our best players will be the players that start with us at this young age and will continue to develop over the important years to follow.

Our Academy program has no cuts as we admit to make no judgement about how well a player will develop or how far he or she will go at this young age.

The GCA FC Academy is open to all kids that want to become better soccer players yet understand that this is not a recreational program. It is an instructional program based on teaching the fundamentals of the game, we understand that all players learn at a different pace, so we have exceptional patience with our young players.


The Academy program is open to all kids 6 through 10 years old with no cuts for players of that age group.
We will however limit enrollment so that proper player-to-coach ratios and quality instruction are maintained. Players are encouraged to enroll into the Academy program until enrollment is full.

For 6 to 8-year olds, in addition to training twice per week, they may have the opportunity to play 5v5 against teams from other clubs during the Fall and Spring season. They will train and compete in 2 to 3 indoor Futsal league sessions on the weekends in Winter.


For ages 9 and 10, the Academy will carry 2 Developmental teams per birth year. They will train 2 times per week in the Fall and Spring season and play friendlies at the weekend. They will train and compete in 2 to 3 indoor Futsal league sessions on the weekends in Winter.

In the GCA FC Academy, however, developing players takes priority over developing teams, this is really important for parents to understand. Even so, our teams are expected to do very well.

Team placement will be based on the coach and staff's judgement of the player's level of technical skill, tactical awareness, work ethic and commitment to the club. Players can move between teams at the coach's discretion based on developmental progress and challenge requirements.

Player Development Curriculum


We use Futsal to develop our players

GCA FC Academy is primarily focused on a possession style training environment. All sessions are designed using small-sided games with an emphasis on developing technique and game intelligence.

We encourage individualism and creativeness in practice and games, this is because the players' development is more important than the teams' success. The teams' success will be a byproduct of player development.

In our experience, technique and game intelligence can begin at the very early age of 6. Beginning at this age sets a proper foundation and helps avoid bad habits and enables the players for maximum development during their "golden years" which is from 8 - 12 years old.

A key component to our Academy program is technical skills development. GCA FC teaches technical skill from an early age using the Street Soccer style training activities and Futsal. Street Soccer and Futsal are similar and are conducted in a "Academy" style and not by teams. All Academy members will train together. Instructors may however, separate players based on skill level and mastery of technique, and not necessarily by age.

Academy Training and League Schedule


Training sessions are typically held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30pm to 7:00pm but is subject to change.

2019/20 SEASON

Fall training starts: Last week of August or 1st week of September

Fall league: EDP Futures League Ct

Winter training and Futsal Indoor league 1 start: 2nd week of November
Winter break: Between Futsal league 1 and 2
Futsal league session 2 starts: Last weekend in Mid January
Futsal league session 3 starts: Mid-February
Spring training starts: 1st week in April

Spring league: EDP Futures League Ct

Spring training/league ends: Approx. June 15th


Fall and Spring

- Laidlaw Park, Coventry, CT
- River Road Athletic Complex, Willington, CT
- Hall Memorial School, Willington, CT


- GH Robertson School, Coventry, CT
- Center School, Willington, CT
- Star Hill Athletic Complex, Tolland, CT
- Evangelical Baptist Center, Ashford, CT

Academy Tuition


Tuition is based on a minimum of 10 players per team

Player fees for the Academy program depend on the player's birth year.
Younger players have the option of registering for the entire year (excluding Summer) or just for the Fall, Winter or Spring season.
Older players register for the entire 2019/20 season and pay an annual fee.

Players born 2013 - 2011 (U6 - U8)
Annual Registration: $800
Fall Season only: $200
Winter Season only: $400
Spring Season only: $200

Individual and Full Year Season registration includes: GCA FC Jersey

Players born 2010 - 2009 (U9 & U10)
Annual registration: $850
U9 - U10 includes GCA FC full uniform package

Programs partically funded by sponsorships

Player may join any time during the season for a pro-rated fee, but this will be subject to space and current enrollment.

GCA FC Full Uniform Package Includes:
GCA FC Jersey, Shorts, & Socks
GCA FC Training Jacket & Pant
GCA FC Backpack